Suffering From Telephobia? Then Fieh’s “Telephone Girl” Should Be Your New Ringtone

Text not call

Photo: PR courtesy

There was once a period of time in human history when calling and actually using our vocal chords to communicate was the norm. But as a new generation starts taking over pop culture, we’re seeing phone calls become a rare thing – even a source of anxiety. Norwegian 7-piece band Fieh tap into that weird communication phenomenon in their latest single “Telephone Girl” where they tap into telephobia. It’s alternative pop that flows in a chill cool passion as frontwoman Sofie Tollefsbøl chants about not picking up the phone. “This song is a public apology to everyone who’s ever tried to call me. It’s not you, it’s me,” she shares. 

She further adds, “Warning: This video contains orange snakeskin pants, guitar solos in the desert, girls drinking highly toxic pink drinks and dangling telephones around and other depictions of a day in the life of a NON-Telephone Girl. You could start your new telephone free life today too – just stop answering those calls. Had a lot of fun with this one, many shoutouts to Nikolai!”

The track is from their upcoming record In The Sun In The Rain, which will be out on March 4th via Jansen Records.