New Drops: Oscar Scheller, Wasuremono, Bad Sounds, & More

A list of new releases this week

Photo: William Southward. Oscar Scheller and chloe moriondo

As we all settle into 2022, we are greeted with brand new releases that puts us in a waltzy mood to conquer another year. We’ve compiled a list of five new tracks that you can indulge for this weekend and beyond.

Oscar Scheller & chloe moriondo’s “Hard Being Alive”

“It’s hard being alive is something I’m sure we’ve all thought at one point in our lives. I wrote it during a particularly claustrophobic and dismal period in London. I honestly forgot about it. Fast forward onto an LA trip, chloe moriondo and I had just left a session with A.G Cook and I accidentally airdropped the demo to Chloe’s phone when I was trying to play another song in the car. A month later she messaged me the song saying she was obsessed with it and sent me a voicenoted acoustic rendition. I messaged back saying “you wanna do a verse?” and she made the song a million times better!!” – Oscar Scheller

chloe moriondo adds; “’HARD BEING ALIVE’ IS THE LITTEST SONG ABOUT BEING SAD EVER. It makes me wanna drive fast and make mistakes :)” – chloe moriondo

Wasuremono’s “Fill Your Lungs”

“It’s a song about the twists and turns of life and how the ones who pass on become a part of you. This was the last song I wrote on the album and a fitting single to end on. I love the progression of this song, how it takes you on an unexpected journey.” – Wasuremono’s William Southward

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard’s “Break Right In”

“I feel like, especially in Britain, our obsession with social convention and politeness has diluted the effectiveness of protest. I feel like institutions have become accustomed to the idea of protest as we know it so it’s become an event, like Carnival or T in the Park, when in actual fact it should be a response to a breach of the present overarching social contract we all abide to. When the social contract is broken by those who we put in power to maintain it, who says you can’t go and smash up an M&S? All bets are off right?” – Guitarist Tom Rees

Bad Sounds’ “Gravity Love”

Jennie Harluk’s “Be Your Friend”

“‘Be Your Friend’ is a simple, beautifully melancholy track about the inner struggle of seeing a person you’ve parted from but still love, and realizing you don’t want to be friends with them; you don’t want to pretend there’s no history, you don’t want to be civil – you want them back. Even if it hurts, or isn’t right, you can’t help but feel that pull to familiarity, comfort, and nostalgia of an old love.” – Jennie Harluk