The Thing With Feathers Sweep Us Off To A Rebel Romance In “Lights Down Low”

Love for the untameable souls

Photo: Luke Rogers

Nashville-based band The Thing With Feathers washes us with a wave of adrenalin and breezily hooky riffs with their latest single “Lights Down Low.” The track starts off in a chill fashion, but there is an air of suspense to it that absorbs you right away and once the cathartic waves kick in, you’re completely immersed. 

In singer and guitarist Dave Welcsch’s own words, the song “…tells the events of a fast and dangerous relationship that started in a smoke filled bar. [The song is about] two characters’ rebellion against the whitewashed ideologies of southern Christian culture. The song is centered around a bass riff and has an overall darker tone, something we were eager to play around with after writing songs that were bright and pop-forward.”

The track is from their upcoming EP Sundays In The South, which will be out on February 18th. They’ll also kick off their tour that month.