Oliver Keane Wrote “3am” On The Toilette

Who needs a fancy studio?

Photo: PR courtesy

One random night, UK artist Oliver Keane went to the bathroom, sat on the toilette, and wrote the song “3am”…now you can’t really know when inspiration will hit, but when it does you just need to go with its flow regardless of where and what you’re doing. Because “3am” has some banging riffs made of gauzy chords that burst with graceful aggression as Keane’s vocals throb over them.

The track is from his upcoming debut EP, which will be arriving soon. Since playing the guitar at the age of nine, Keane has been absorbing music in different trainings and technical forms. He was initially classically trained, but started crafting his own sound when he hit his teens. For the past six years, he’s been songsmithing incessantly. “We’re talking about thousands of songs. I can’t remember the last time I went without making music, or having some form of an idea just sitting in the back of a train, singing to myself like a weirdo…”

Aside from releasing his debut record, Keane will be playing at The Great Escape and Neighborhood Festival in May of this year.