From Body Image To Body Love, Lisa Heller’s “cheetos n coke” Is One Chill Introspective Song

And it’s flamin hot with realizations

Photo: Adrian Andres

Bedroom poptress Lisa Heller bares her deepest thoughts and lifelong struggle with body image in her new laidback single “cheetos n coke.” And while the title of the song has a flavorful connotation, the song is highly introspective and intimate as Heller shares her own mental battles and arriving to a place of love and acceptance. So grab some Cheetos, cold coke, and hit play.

In her own words, “I wrote ‘cheetos n coke’ with my frequent collaborator Meghan Williams. We wrote the song when I mentioned I wanted to write a song about my previous struggles with an eating disorder and the common struggle amongst a lot of people, especially young women, with body image and body neutrality.” 

She further continued, “I recorded the song in my bedroom in LA, which felt symbolic because I have actually looked in the mirror in that very room and dealt with some negative body image. I worked with my producer, Will McCoy, to make sure the production remained just as vulnerable as how I felt when writing the song. I think that ‘cheetos n coke’ touches on important aspects of mental health. Although not everyone will have a mental illness in their life, everyone has their mental health to tend to. Body image is something that I have had my struggles with and at times really took over my happiness and my life. I wanted to open the conversation by openly sharing those struggles for the first time through a song, because maybe it will help someone feel a little bit less alone.”