Mads Koch Pays Tribute To The Cyclical Movements Of Life In “The Lake” 


Photo: Malthe Lund

Danish artist Mads Koch pays homage to the transient nature of life in new single and video “The Lake.” Powered with slick gliding guitar chords, the track is a slow-burning yet dense piece that buoys you into a state of frisson flow that is perfect for your highly existential moments. Taken from his upcoming record Fingers, which will be out this spring, the track nudges us into a blissful acceptance that nothing’s permanent in life – making it even more savory and precious than anything.

“I think a lot of us can gain a richer and more beautiful existence by practicing an openhearted approach to the transience of life. Not that we necessarily need to dwell on anxious contemplations about death but in a way where we can get through this fear by surrendering to it. This is why ‘The Lake’ is a declaration of love to the little, quiet and seemingly uneventful situations, that our days and lives actually is made of,” explained Mads Koch.