Marian Hill & GASHI Find Closure in “Little Bit” 

By Leah Black

Photo: Pham

Indie fan favorite and acclaimed electro pop duo Marian Hill have just released their single and video for “Little Bit” featuring alt hip hop artist GASHI. “Little Bit” is the band’s sneak peak single from their upcoming third studio album, why can’t we just pretend? which isexpected later this year.

“Little Bit” is a lush R&B laced alternative pop song that highlights the deep contrast between the two artists in a mind-provoking and beautiful way. The narrative details the experience of moving on from an ex, and then seeing them again for the first time and feeling numb. Experiencing indifference can oftentimes be confusing, but Marian Hill and GASHI depict the phenomenon brilliantly through their sincere lyrics, seductive melodies, and raw delivery which captures a similar reckoning in the listener. GASHI adds his personal flavor with charismatic verses over chilled-out beats, and the listener begins to feel that the song is actually an open dialogue between the two. Marian Hill confides, “In writing this album we made an effort to push ourselves outside our sonic comfort zone – ‘little bit’ took shape as a result of these experiments. To this day we can’t even agree on what genre the song is and the lyrics landed on a specific perspective we realized we’d actually never quite written about before: seeing an ex for the first time after a long time has passed and feeling…nothing? Adding another perspective to this story felt right, and when GASHI sent us his verse it struck us how perfectly his emotional tone contrasted with Sam’s more distant malaise. GASHI joined us on stage to premiere the song at one of our first shows since before the pandemic and we were able to capture these live moments that meant so much to us in the music video.” 

Philly bred New York based duo Marian Hill is known for their infectious electronic pop anthems and bold experimental sounds. Releasing music since 2013, they have had hit songs and a dedicated global fanbase to match. Their highly anticipated upcoming studio album, why can’t we just pretend? will be an exciting moment for fans, who have waited over three years for an album from the duo. 

GASHI, a New York based singer, songwriter and rapper, is an Albanian refugee and a true survivor. Co-signed by both Travis Scott and A$AP Rocky, the Billboard charting artist has had multiple hits and is known for his ability to break creative barriers in the hip hop scene.

“Little Bit” is out now via Photo Finish Records.