Haiku Hands Drop Amelia Earhart-Inspired Single “Shoot The Shot”

A tribute to the unconventional

Photo: Liz Ham

Aussie dance collective Haiku Hands celebrate the non-traditional paths that people take in new single “Shoot The Shot.” The track is largely inspired by a letter that Amelia Earhart wrote as the trio invite us into the gauzy, explosive soundscape. It’s a celebratory anthem, but also a reminder that pursuing the road less taken marks both the ending and beginning of everything. 

According to the trio, “The lyrics in ‘Shoot the Shoot’ are inspired by a letter by Amelia Earhart, a pilot in the 30’s, and innovators who forge new paths. It’s an ode to unconventional lives and people who go against the grain because they’re brave and strong enough to. ‘Shoot the Shot’ was one of the last songs we wrote before releasing our debut album and has an epic emotional feel to it. Kind of like the end of a cycle that could also signify the beginning of something new, the song’s lyrics end on ‘it’s the sound of the starting gun.’ In some way we’d all pushed through personal barriers and pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones in order to birth and be part of Haiku Hands.”