Ludic Engage In Some Trippy Housekeeping In New Video “Judge Me” 

Indie pop

Photo: Artist courtesy

Ludic swirls us into a surreal, trippy world of domesticity in new video “Judge Me” where we get to see them do some serious ironing and other housekeeping stuff. But as you get absorbed into the visuals, you can’t help but notice the tension between the couple characters who seem to be in this muted passive aggressive war of disagreements, judgements, and stubbornness to admit that there’s something wrong with their relationship. 

In their own words, “‘Judge Me’ is about feeling lonely in a relationship, like you can’t do anything right. The constant effort to try and change is not working, and being met with more criticism. It’s our first single off our forthcoming EP, which will be released later this year. While intended to be helpful, being constantly criticized hurts! Both people are in the right, and both are in the wrong, and neither wants to make the other person feel this way.”