Empath Reflect On Uncertainty Of Living In Someone Else’s World In “Elvis Comeback Special”

An animated look into fantasy and reality

Photo: Marie Lin

Empath have unveiled their latest video “Elvis Comeback Special” where they muse on the uncertainty that seeps into your skin when you’re living in someone else’s world and you need to start differentiating the fantasy from reality. Taken from their upcoming album Visitor, which will be out this Friday via Fat Possum, the video delivers a realistic performance through an animated screen.

“‘Elvis’ started as a discarded voice memo. Sometimes I’ll play little guitar parts and melodies into my phone and then not think anything of them until many months later. When I listen back it’s like listening to someone else’s music and I can hear the song more clearly,” said Catherine Elicson. “So I fleshed out all the parts, and when I brought it to the whole band, all these unexpected rhythms and melodies popped out of the song. The song came to life; that’s the most exciting part of collaborating as a band. The lyrics took me the longest of any song to complete. The morning of the day I was to sing all my vocals in the studio, I was sitting outside a cafe hyped on caffeine and sweatily typing new words into my notes app. The lyrics deal with the feeling of uncertainty in yourself when you’re caught up in someone else’s world and you have to disentangle fantasy and cold reality. Because the song has these sharply rhythmic moments, Jake [Portrait] suggested I sing the lyrics really lazily as a contrast. The effect, though subtle, added a more compelling vibe to the whole song.”

The band will kick off tour soon.


2/24 – Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground Showcase Lounge *

2/25 – Portsmouth, NH @ 3S Artspace *

2/26 – Hamden, CT @ Space Ballroom *

3/17 – Philadelphia, PA @The Dolphin

4/15 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Funhouse

4/16 – Cleveland, OH @ Happy Dog

4/17 – Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle

4/19 – Toronto, ON @ Monarch

4/20 – Montreal, QC @ L’esco

4/21 – Cambridge, MA @ Lilypad

4/22 – Brooklyn, NY @ TV Eye

4/23 – Washington, DC @ Comet

*with Sunflower Bean