Dust In The Sunlight Find Peace In Modern Day Chaos In “Former Lives” 


Photo: Rob Humm

London duo Dust In The Sunlight invites us to step back from the breakneck intensity of modern day hustle with their latest single “Former Lives.” Layered with featherlight synths and lush arrangements, the track takes you buoying into a state of tranquility as the duo nudge you to let go of any societal expectations and pressures.

In their own words, “‘Former Lives’ is about the pressure and immediacy of modern life making you feel like you have to be a million things at once… but actually what you really need to do is let go of that ideology and find your own pace and sense of self. It’s very easy to forget where you’ve come from and everything you’ve been through to get to where you are now… I think the lyrics are about helping each other find that again.”

The track is from their upcoming sophomore EP, which will be arriving later this year.