MIREI Weighs The Price Of Modern-Day Love In “Sell Me Your Love”

A look into the dark flashy nightlife of Kabukicho

Photo: PR courtesy

Japanese artist MIREI weighs on the cost of modern-day love in her new single and video “Sell Me Your Love.” The track is largely inspired by a gory stabbing incident that took place in Kabukicho, which is infamously known for being the red-light district of Tokyo. Back in 2019, a photo of a woman smoking and sitting next to the blood-drenched body of her then boyfriend went viral. The man was working as a host at that time in Kabukicho and things went south when the woman found some intimate photos of him with other female clients. The visuals, which were filmed and directed by Takeshi Nomura, roughly captures the events that led to the bloodshed. 

But “Sell Me Your Love” goes beyond Kabukicho as MIREI used this opportunity to reflect on how love has become something tradeable. Whether it is through currency, likes, certain actions, etc., the song delves into the hollowness of buying and selling affection.

“They say love is priceless, but can I buy your love…?” she shared. “The incident illustrates the similarity between the host club business and the risky relationships between idols and fans bonding through handshake events, or between artists and performers who market towards fans into buying glimpses of their personal lives. The Beatles made their hit record, ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ more than 50 years ago, but society now has become the complete opposite; more than ever, the concept of ‘love’ is portrayed in numbers and money, as we pay for ‘likes’ and ask for ‘donations’ on social media to measure people’s love towards yourself to value your recognition and worth through them. The question we now constantly ask ourselves in this new society is, ‘How much is your ‘love’?’”

The track is a glimpse into MIREI’s new body of work, which she’ll be sharing more details soon.