RIVER Swings Between Passion & Destruction In “We’ll Be Together” Ft. Lute

A sultry combination of R&B and pop

Photo: PR courtesy

As we get closer to Valentine’s Day, it’s important to recognize messy romances that are just doomed to be together. Swedish artist RIVER captures such a gloriously fated, but fatal affairs in her new single “We’ll Be Together” ft. Lute. It has the catchiness of Scandipop graced with the risqué touches of RIVER’s own silvery vocals. The hip-hop choruses by Lute amplifies the sonic intensity of the track, giving it the right amount of sexy speed. 

“I wanted to make a song that both tapped into the music of old-school soul that I grew up with mixed with the attitude of current hip-hop. To get Lute on the track helped me reach that vision and took it all to another level,” she shared.

Drawing inspiration from classic Playboy and Bettie Page, the Stockholm artist has lived a nomadic life in the past few years living in Germany, Asia, Australia, San Francisco, New York, and Mexico before returning to her homeland. From busking and performing in the streets to crafting her own songs, RIVER is an unconventional artist who seeks to push her sound and experiences beyond our wildest imaginations. Stay tuned as she’ll be dropping more tunes in the upcoming months.