The Aquadolls’ “Cry Baby” Is For Everyone Who Has Fallen For A Guitarist At A Show

We’ve all fallen for that one hot guitarist

Photo: PR courtesy

If you’ve been to multiple concerts in your life, then at some point you got lovestruck by the hot guitarist in this kinda underground band. SoCal rockers The Aquadolls box us into that starry-eyed moment in their latest single “Cry Baby” where they illustrate all the rated R and rom-com thoughts that rush through your skin. Whether this romance blooms into something long term, one night stand or just pure imagination, “Cry Baby” lets you indulge in that moment of emotional bliss.

Singer Melissa Brooks says, “‘Cry Baby’ tells the story of an emotional hopeless romantic going to a rock concert and instantly falling in love with the badass guitarist. They imagine what it would be like to be involved with them, even if it’s just for one night.”

The band will be going on their co-headline tour with Sitting On Stacy (whom you can see in the video and the poster below) starting in March.