Every Hopeless Romantic Should Listen To grentperez’ “Why I Love You”

From his new EP ‘Conversations With The Moon” out now

Photo: PR courtesy

Rising artist grentperez makes out heart flutter with his latest single “Why I Love You,” the perfect romantic song you can indulge in as you think about all the starry0eyed scenarios with your loved one, crush, imaginary spouse, etc. Lyrically, the track captures the chaotic chemistry between two individuals who just seem destined to be together. Blessed or doomed, it’s the type of romance that is always worth the drama, mood swings, and surprises.

According to him, “Why I Love you is a song about a relationship that seems too chaotic for its own good, but somehow just works. This song really brings out the perfect imperfections within a relationship, talking about the inconvenience and moodiness that this person brings, but you ultimately love those factors because that’s what makes them who they are.  On top of that, to me makes the relationship that much more fun.”

The track is from his debut EP Conversations With The Moon, which is also out now so hit play.

Like many Gen Z artists, grentperez’ musical career started in an addictive corner of the Internet called YouTube where he started off by uploading covers of his favorite artists in a series of videos callled “sing u to sleep.” The videos went viral due to the ASMR and grentperez’ smooth vocals and now he has an entire EP out. So keep the artist under your radar since you never know what he’s gonna drop.