Myka Unveils His Laidback Live Performance Piece For “gucci bloom” 

By Leah Black

Photo: Jean-Marc Enongene

In the aftermath of a failed romance, sometimes there are little pieces left behind. Whether it be a t-shirt, sweater, or just a photograph, those can be painful reminders of what we have lost. MYKA knows this all too well as he reminisces on a familiar scent. His single “gucci bloom” is an illustration of a recollection vividly evoked by perfume. With raw, honest lyricism sung in warm, honey vocals, you feel that intense pain of ruined romance right away. That tender tone paired with a light, wistful backdrop makes this tune so cleansing. 

Now, MYKA has released a stunning visual performance piece that allows the song’s simplicity to truly shine. With flowers masking everyone’s eyes and intimate, dim lighting there is a dreamy essence throughout the video. It displays him and his band in the studio and there is genuine ease oozing off each person. The viewer is instantly drawn in by the offering’s relaxed and soft nature.

The intoxicating artist is known for his unmistakable lush vibe and profound messages. His deep, genre-defying style strikingly exhibits his need for self-discovery. The North Carolina native is inspired by talents like Beach House and The XX and that ethereal quality can be heard in every track. This gentle tune is no different and this live performance video seamlessly shows that off.