Neoma’s “Tears At Bae” Is The Bad Bitch Song You Needed After Saying Bye To Your Lame Ex


Ecuadorian artist Neoma, aka Carla Huiracocha, brings her boss vibes to her new single “Tears At Bae,” a chic and celebratory electropop piece with bilingual vocals that makes you wanna dance your heart out and detox your ex out of your system. The foot-stomping beats paired with her chic swagger makes “Tears At Bae” the perfect anthem to keep your adrenaline spinning and giving you the self-empowerment boost you need.

In her own words, the song is “…a fierce, empowering, ‘bad bitch’ song, inspired by a former lover and the end of a stagnant relationship.” She continued, “The song, written in February of 2021, features a Mellotron synth sound inspired by ‘Strawberry Fields Forever,’ a chorus inspired by Metronomy, and disco violin strings inspired by the song ‘Rasputin’ by Boney M.”

The track is from her upcoming LP HYPERREAL, which will be out on April 29th.