Ben Sefton’s “Harrison” Is Dedicated To All The Misanthropic Teens Out There

Yes, that bear is creepy af

Still from Ben Sefton – “Harrison” YouTube video

In so many ways, high school can feel awkward and painfully slow for people who don’t quite fit into the pubescent culture and just school in general. Ben Sefton’s latest single “Harrison” is dedicated to all the misfits who find HS a foreign experience filled with angst, stress, and confusion. From its suspenseful calmness to cathartic bombs, “Harrison” is the type of dramatic anthem you would want to indulge in as you think back to that weird time when you were forced to learn shit you didn’t need (like trigonometry), socialize with people you hated, and follow unnecessary rules while dealing with all the internal changes that come with growing up.

In his own words, “My song is about how painful life really can be in those formative years for those of us who didn’t fit in so easily to the high school paradise of paranoid hierarchies. At the time, I didn’t know I’d end up writing a song about it – an attempt at anthemizing the private pain of teenage misanthrope.”