veiles’ “You & Me” Is The Soundtrack Of Your Next Cinematic Romance Or Heartbreak

Alternative pop

Photo: Phie Beckett

Danish artist veiles sweeps us into a chest-swelling affair with her latest single and video “You & Me.” With her swooning croons, veiles channels the emotional flutters that come with a Hollywood-esque romance where you’re the protagonist. Whether it’s a tragic love story or rom com, “You & Me” is about the goosebumps-inducing affair that heightens all of your senses.

“I often feel like the main character in a film, running head over heels through the airport to stop the plane and declare my love to that one special person onboard. Out of breath, I reach the gate. It’s closed, the plane is off, I’m too late. That’s life and love –it happens right in front of you and when you least expect it. So, I wrote ‘You & Me’ as a reminder that true love does exist,” veiles stated.

Originally from Aarhus, Denmark but now based in Berlin, Esther Møller Fogh is the mastermind behind veiles who is a self-taught songwriter. Through her music, she intends to paint honest stories of the existential ups and downs that we all face.