Polartropica Brings The Punches In “GIVE THEM HELL (Serial Killer Slayer)”

By Leah Black

Photo: Olivia Hemaratanatorn

Taiwan born, California raised artist and creator Ihui (eeway) Cherise Wu aka Polartropica has just shared her new single “GIVE THEM HELL (Serial Killer Slayer)” with an accompanying music video. The musician is known for her bold, creative musical statements and unique artistic expression.

“GIVE THEM HELL (Serial Killer Slayer)” is an important protest song against violence to women and a dedication to all of those who have fought back against predators, abusers and killers. With howling defiant vocals over rock drenched rhythms, the single is a bold statement and musical expression. In the imaginative and artistic music video, Polartropica tells the story of a group of queer bipoc superheroes who compete for the opportunity to defeat a serial killer who is plaguing the local area.  Directed by filmmaker Wes O’Connor and featuring the unique designs of Peter Lai,  the video tells the epic story of good triumphing over evil. 

Polartropica creates “ethereal fantasy dream rock” fusing both organic and synthetic instruments for an eccentric and intoxicating sound. Her aim is “to create a healing, inspiring and empowering space with just the right amount of disco-party!” With more music to come this year, we can’t wait to hear what is next from this exciting rising artist.