If You’re Drinking Solo Tonight, Then Here’s Laveda’s “bb” For You

Alcohol + existential crisis + “bb” = wild night

Photo: PR courtesy

NY natives Laveda spent much of 2020 reevaluating life and dealing with pandemic-induced existentialism. The byproduct of such confusing time is their latest single “bb” where they process the pent up anger of facing the cruel circumstances of the world at that time and even now. It’s moody, but has that 90s guitar swagger where the duo capture the restless feeling of being stuck in the stagnant chaos of Covid and humanity’s shitshow in general. So if you’re drinking alone at home and contemplating how on earth we reached this point, make sure to have “bb” in the background.

Speaking of the track’s inspiration, vocalist Ali Genevich shared, “In the winter of 2020, every day really started to feel the same for me. The pandemic seemed to be getting just as bad as when it began back in Spring and like everyone else all I had been thinking about was the possibility for life to feel normal again. For a while I was just thankful that most of my friends and family were in good health and that we were able to keep ourselves afloat in such a crazy time, but of course that’s not all I was feeling. Both Jake and I felt like the past year had been so wasted.”

She further added, “The lyrics describe the racing thoughts you have while drinking alone, thoughts about how the world is unfair and there’s nothing you can do about it. You might try to pull yourself out of a dark place only to wake up to one even darker. It sounds sad, but it’s not. It’s just reality, and sometimes it’s ok to be angry with the way things are.”

Laveda is currently on tour with Couch Prints.

Mar 4 Friday 

Asbury Park, NJ (CONFIRMED @ Gios Basement w/ Flycatcher, Down & Outs, Couch Prints, Laveda) 

Mar 5 Saturday

Philadelphia, PA (CONFIRMED @ The Dolphin w/ Lizdelise, Cheeky, Couch Prints, Laveda)

Mar 6th Sunday

Washington, DC (CONFIRMED at the Pocket with Moon by Moon, Couch Prints, Laveda)