93FEETOFSMOKE Releases Hard-hitting New Single “Fucked Over” Featuring phem + tosh the drummer

By Leah Black

Photo: PR courtesy

Oregon based singer-songwriter and producer 93FEETOFSMOKE blends cloud hop, emo, alternative rock and pop for a fresh new sound. His latest unveiling is the punk rock-dipped track “Fucked Over”, which features unfiltered alt-pop singer phem and prodigy tosh the drummer. 

With “Fucked Over”, 93FEETOFSMOKE recalls the times he has been lied to, deceived and cheated by those he trusted. With grief comes pain, and 93FEETOFSMOKE so brilliantly conveys the intense emotion and despondency that comes from extreme disappointment. He confides, “It sucks to get played by someone you trusted. Or to find out that one roommate you found off craigslist has been stealing your things and then helping you look for it. The message to me is really localized in that moment of “seeing the light” and realizing your gut was never wrong.” With hurt comes knowledge, and the musician discusses the lesson that he has gained. phem brings a sweetness to the vocals, and a warm presence that is less intense and more introspective to further showcase the mixed emotions from being on the receiving end of deceit. With bass full chaotic beats, grunge-filled guitars, and layered infectious melodies, “Fucked Over” is an emo anthem of the year. 

“Fucked Over” is off of 93FEETOFSMOKE’s upcoming debut album. The full-length album is set for release later this year and we can’t wait to hear what is next from this exciting new artist!