Dabin Brought His Electrifying Magic To Shrine Auditorium

With support from Ray Volpe, Rome In Silver, and Skybreak

All show photos by Fin Prakittiphoom

We don’t want to jinx anything but 2022 so far feels like a massive improvement compared to the past two years when we’ve been suffering from concert deficiency while overwearing our joggers at home. But with more shows coming back, we had the absolute pleasure to capture Korean Canadian artist Dabin’s performance at Shrine Auditorium. Following the release of his critically acclaimed third record Between Broken, Dabin has been performing across multiple cities in North America and last Friday, he stopped by the iconic venue Shrine Auditorium. Obviously, we had to send our new photographer Fin Prakittiphoom to capture some of the unforgettable magical moments.

Supporting acts included Juelz, Rome In Silver, and Skybreak which tripled the fun.

Dabin by Fin Prakittiphoom
Ray Volpe by Fin Prakittiphoom
Rome In Silver by Fin Prakittiphoom
Skybreak by Fin Prakittiphoom