Springer’s “Club” Is The Antipopular Anthem Your Heart Needs

Eurodance with a punk pop edge

Photo: Sophie Hellberg Olsson

Copenhagen artist Springer, aka Jakob Emil Pedersen, soothes all of our antipopular spirits with his latest single “Club.” It’s a festive, party anthem perfect to blast it loud as you celebrate being surrounded by no one but yourself. The track is dedicated to everyone who don’t feel like being that idealized extrovert person who is always on the scene. Fuck being cool, fuck being popular. All you need is yourself and do what your heart desires – and if that means gluing your ass on the couch while listening to Springer, so be it. 

In his own words, “It’s an anti-popular pop song about detaching yourself from the anxiety of adaptation. Why would you sip fancy natural wines if you dig bubbly energy drinks? Why go to a party to say you were there if you just wanna stay in and be alone? Why say yes, if you wanna say no? This song is an invitation to join a club where you can be true to yourself. Everyone’s welcome but I do know, my Eurodance club banger is probably gonna make all the ‘cool kids’ feel noxious.” 

“Club” is from his upcoming sophomore EP Sleepwalk, which will be out later this spring.