Talkless & Marwang Take Us On An Emotionally Haunting Journey In “Mind Games”


Photo: VXL Studio

Hailing from Broward Country, Florida, Talkless is an emerging Brazilian-American artist who makes hauntingly stunning music blending elements of pop, punk, rock, and alternative music. In his latest video “Mind Games” with fellow artist Marwang, he captures the mental labyrinth one gets stuck in a toxic relationship. The video, directed by Lost Noise, is a psychological horror where we see both artists restlessly struggle with the stagnancy of their surroundings. 

“The track is about being in a super toxic relationship, not being able to understand somebody so you constantly feel like you’re playing mind games,” shares Talkless. “Through this song, I want to encourage people to listen to their gut and follow their own intuition about people so they don’t end up feeling trapped in such a toxic situation.”

The track is from Mad Kelly’s upcoming project, which he’ll be sharing more details soon.