CIEL Navigate Through The Uncertainty Of Life-Changing Decisions In “Fine Everything” 

Gritty garage rock

Photo: Percy Walker-Smart

Making decisions is hard, especially when it comes to those that may affect your life in a significant level – like should you get a face tattoo? Start drinking coffee without creamer? Pursue music journalism as a career? The answer is yes to everything except the last one. Brighton trio CIEL details all the uncertainty surrounding those doubts in their new single “Fine Everything.” Gritty and raw, “Fine Everything” is an edgy garage rock that resonates the noisy thoughts that invade our minds through its dense riffage. 

Speaking of the new track, frontwoman Michelle Hindriks explained: “It’s about coming of age, and not really knowing how to navigate life. The doubts and difficulties that involve making life-changing decisions, yet maybe not being ready growing up, when all your friends are. I was thinking of how so many people lost touch with their inner gut feeling and instincts, and how all the possibilities in life can feel so overwhelming sometimes. It’s almost kind of easier to stay oblivious to it instead of digging deep into your mind.”

The track is from the band’s upcoming EP which will be arriving later this year.