Nicky Youre & David Hugo Share Charismatic Collaboration “Never Go Wrong” 

By Leah Black

Viral alternative pop artists David Hugo and Nicky Youre have just released their first collaboration. Entitled “Never Go Wrong”, the song is an exuberant and upbeat pop tune all about that special connection and unbelievable feeling that coincides with falling in love. 

On “Never Go Wrong”, David confides, “We starting talking about those one in a *bAziLLiOn* scenarios where you meet someone and it immediately feels familiar, a la “I’ve seen this film before,” and Nicky adds, “so we wanted to capture that feeling somehow with a catchy chorus that feels as exciting and good as those relationships do.” The optimistic tune highlights the duo’s proclivity for light-hearted layered soundscapes and lyrics that are inspiring and hopeful. Playful bouncy beats underlay warm and carefree vocals full of soul. With sugar sweet synths, sun-soaked melodies and bright guitar riffs, “Never Go Wrong” is this year’s best romantic banger.

Nicky Youre has built a career out of his optimistic and fun-loving pop tracks that bring smiles to audiences around the globe. While David Hugo is known as a prolific songwriter partnering with some of today’s most celebrated up-and-coming artists. Together their collaboration is a fresh slice of indie pop.