80purppp Channel 007 Vibes In New Video “Feel Like / C Royale”

From his new EP ‘If Anything’

Photo: Luqman Gaffoor 

Alberta-based artist 80purppp invites us into a mysterious day that takes a tragic twist in his new video “Feel Like / C Royale.” The track finds him shuffling through some painful emotions without trying to force any kind of quick fix – instead, he lets his listeners know that there are no overnight solutions for certain feelings and memories. “I didn’t wanna hold back with this track, it hurt to write at times. I’m trying to heal, by addressing what I feel. I touch on what’s bothering me, as well as what I know are my faults,” shares 80purppp.

The track is from his new EP If Anything, which is out now. The EP features eight tracks that capture some of the tough lessons 80purppp learned in transitioning into adulthood. From growth to heartbreak, the record is a testament of his changing perception of the world.