Matt B Takes Us Through The Desert Landscape In New Video “Losing You”

And rides a camel

Photo: Angela Benson

Not many things make us jealous, but among the few is riding a camel through the desert while looking effortlessly fashionable. And that’s what Matt B does in his new video “Losing You.” It’s a slow-burning and cathartic R&B piece where he goes in search for his lost love. Directed by PhillyFlyBoy, the video is an homage to his East African roots. Check it out:

In his own words, “The concept of ‘Losing You’ was really simple: lost love. Love is one of those topics that I think everyone can relate to in some way. The experience of loss is like a punch to the gut if you really love someone, and just the thought of that person not being in your life anymore could send you into a downward spiral. Searching for that love and stability in personal relationships is a quest that no one has quite mastered, but, as always, we fight for the ones we love.”