80purppp Shares New EP ‘Je Sais’ & Video “Cliché?”

A record of love & heartbreak

Photo: Samson Melkamu

Alberta artist 80purppp returns with another EP Je Sais today. It is the follow up of his April EP, If Anything, which tapped into growing pains and lessons he’s learned so far. With Je Sais, he taps into the most complex topic of all – love. “This project moves as if a realization of what love actually is, is being made. It starts off with a tone of hopeless naivety, slowly transitioning into a more mature understanding of the concept. Each song marks a specific point in time where the initial concept of love is born, then changes, then dies,” explains 80purppp.

Along with the record, he has also shared the video for “Cliché?” where he captures love at its most naïve state. On the meaning behind it, he says, “This song sort of feels like a prayer to me. Like if I sing the lyrics enough, it might make what I’m asking for, a reality. I’m asking the universe to bring my soulmate to me, pleading almost. Is what I’m saying cliché? I’m not sure, hence the track name.”

If Anything and Je Sais work together in showcasing 80purppp’s growth and the changing perceptions of one’s own sense of self as well as relationship with others. In his own words, “The projects together read ‘If Anything, I Know’ when conjoined and translated. This title shines light on what I’m truly conveying throughout both projects: what I’ve learned and experienced up until this point in my life. It also answers all the “what if” questions posed in the first project, reassuring myself that deep down I know all the answers. What if I hadn’t moved around so much as a kid? What if I confronted the feelings I usually keep bottled up? What if I was honest in my relationships? What if I told her what I really wanted to say? If Anything, I Know.”